TUA Symposium F: Talking about uretero-pelvic junction obstruction (UPJO) from bench to beside
2019-01-261. 5-6F 國際會議廳
15:00 ~ 15:15Roles of IL-33/ST2 axis in renal fibrosis and hyperplasia of intra-renal urothelium in obstructive kidney injury, focus on UPJO (Q&A)陳威宇林介山, 楊緒棣
15:15 ~ 15:30Antenatally fetal hydronephrosis and subsequent management of children hydronephrosis (Q&A)錢建文林介山, 楊緒棣
15:30 ~ 15:45The functional and morphological outcome of UPJO after pyeloplasty in children (Q&A)鄭鴻琳林介山, 楊緒棣
15:45 ~ 16:00The meeting of PU committee & Closing remarks林介山, 楊緒棣, 王百孚, 張建祥林介山, 楊緒棣