2019-05-18台北萬豪酒店 (台北市中山區樂群二路199號)
14:00 ~ 14:05APAPU Opening Remarks楊緒棣Akihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
SESSION A : Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
14:05 ~ 14:45Pathophysiology Overview of Nocturnal EnuresisChung-Kwong YeungChing-Yuang Lin, Akihiro Kawauchi
14:45 ~ 15:15Contemporary Diagnostic Approach of NE and IncontinenceKwanjin ParkAkihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
15:15 ~ 15:45Bladder Bowel Dysfunction and VUR/ UTI/ Incontinence楊緒棣Akihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
16:00 ~ 16:30Contemporary Treatment Strategy of NE and Incontinence in ChildrenShang-Jen ChangAkihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
16:30 ~ 16:50Impact of NE on the Child and ParentsYichen HuangAkihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
16:50 ~ 17:10The Untold Impact of Childhood Bedwetting in Later LifeTryggve NevéusAkihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
17:10 ~ 17:50Case sharing : refractory PNEChiu YH, Taiwan, Yoshiyuki Ohtomo, Kwanjin Park, Kanav Anand, Te-Lu YapAkihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
17:50 ~ 18:00Closing remarks楊緒棣Akihiro Kawauchi, Ching-Yuang Lin
09:00 ~ 09:05Day 2 Program Opening Remarks楊緒棣Yee-Hsuan Chiou, Yoshiyuki Ohtomo
SESSION B : Other Conditions and Special Considerations
09:05 ~ 09:30NMNE Including Dysfunctional VoidingKwanjin ParkYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
09:30 ~ 09:55Bladder Neck Dysfunction, urethral valve and other surgical conditionsShina KawaiYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
09:55 ~ 10:20Alarm and Combination TherapyAkihiro KawauchiYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
10:20 ~ 10:45Genetics and Applicable Biomarkers of NEYoshiyuki OhtomoYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
11:00 ~ 11:25Neurogenic Bladder and Overactive BladderSujit ChowdharyYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
11:25 ~ 11:50Managing Refractory NE (including Nocturnal Polyuria)Tryggve NevéusYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
11:50 ~ 12:20Clinical guidelines on Bedwetting Management in Asia-Pacific region:Yoshiyuki Ohtomo, Kwanjin Park, Tamin WangYoshiyuki Ohtomo, Yee-Hsuan Chiou
SESSION C : Urodynamic Workshop
13:30 ~ 14:00Non-invasive UDS: uroflowmetry, PVR and EMG:楊緒棣楊緒棣
14:00 ~ 14:50Invasive UDS: Conventional and Video UrodynamicsPiet Hoebeke楊緒棣
15:10 ~ 16:20Case Discussion: Clinical Experience Sharing from Country Experts楊緒棣
16:20 ~ 16:30APAPU Closing Remarks楊緒棣楊緒棣