TUA State-of-the-Art Lectures
2019-08-171. B1 國際會議廳Conference Hall
08:20 ~ 08:25Opening蒲永孝張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
08:25 ~ 08:40Contemporary management of male infertility in the era of IVF張宏江張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
08:40 ~ 08:55Clinical implications of underactive bladderKyu-Sung Lee張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
08:55 ~ 09:10Precision medicine for lower urinary tract dysfunction - the role of videourodynamic study郭漢崇張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
09:10 ~ 09:25The importance of quality of survival in the evolving nmCRPC landscapeBertrand Tombal張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
09:25 ~ 09:40Active surveillance for prostate cancer - competing death from prostate cancer and other causes蒲永孝張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
09:40 ~ 09:55The current status and future prospects of testosterone replacement therapy in JapanMasato Fujisawa張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中
09:55 ~ 10:00Group photosAll張兆祥, 蒲永孝, 馮思中