Meet the Experts 2: Innovation and technology for prostate biopsy and focal HIFU for prostate cancer
2019-08-177. 5F 509講堂Room 509
10:30 ~ 10:35Opening張兆祥蔡宗欣, 張兆祥, 蔡育賢, 歐建慧
10:35 ~ 10:50Combination of PHI and MRI for the use of prostate biopsy謝博帆蔡宗欣, 張兆祥, 蔡育賢, 歐建慧
10:50 ~ 11:05MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy and current literature review胡哲源蔡宗欣, 張兆祥, 蔡育賢, 歐建慧
11:05 ~ 11:20MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy and focal HIFU in JapanSunao Shoji蔡宗欣, 張兆祥, 蔡育賢, 歐建慧
11:20 ~ 11:30DiscussionAll蔡宗欣, 張兆祥, 蔡育賢, 歐建慧