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2019-08-188. 5F 504講堂Room 504
09:00 ~ 09:20瀏覽海報時間All吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:20 ~ 09:24MP041: Factors associated with urinary tract infection in patients with chronic spinal cord injury簡宏祐吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:24 ~ 09:28MP042: The long term efficacy between women with pelvic floor dysfunction received retropubic suburethral sling with or without concomitant POP repair李秉叡吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:28 ~ 09:32MP043: Retrospective review on trans-obturator tension-free vaginal tape (TVT-O) for stress urinary incontinence: 3-year experience of a single center.歐詠豪吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:32 ~ 09:36MP044: Is extent of infected area or the numbers of bacterial strains from wound culture can be the indicator of duration of admission on patients with Fournier’s gangrene?張哲綱吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:36 ~ 09:40MP045: The meaning of pyuria in female midstream urine analysis潘英昇吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:40 ~ 09:44MP046: Ketamine ameliorates the social stress related bladder dysfunction in mice陳義昇吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:44 ~ 09:48MP047: Effect of intraoperative hypothermia on renal function during cadaveric renal transplantation王又德吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:48 ~ 09:52MP048: Early endoscopic realignment for traumatic urethral total disruption- CMUH experience張天佑吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:52 ~ 09:56MP049: Oncologic outcomes of partial cystectomy compared to radical cystectomy for muscle invasive bladder cancer沈志宇吳俊賢, 李偉嘉
09:56 ~ 10:00MP050: Intravesical recurrence rate of diagnostic ureteroscopy prior to nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial carcinoma盧則宏吳俊賢, 李偉嘉