Moderated Poster 6
2019-08-188. 5F 504講堂Room 504
10:00 ~ 10:20瀏覽海報時間All黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:20 ~ 10:24MP051: Hormone-secreting adrenocortical carcinoma: a case report潘柏勳黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:24 ~ 10:28MP052: MicroRNA-145 regulates invasion in upper tract urothelial carcinoma by targeting ARF6徐偉齊黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:28 ~ 10:32MP053: Renal cell carcinoma T3 stages subgroup survival analysis - a retrospective single-institution study丁偉峰黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:32 ~ 10:36MP054: Tumor contact surface area predict the non-tumor renal volume after partial nephrectomy張天佑黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:36 ~ 10:40MP055: Clinicopathologic analysis of epithelioid renal angiomyolipoma: a single institute experience of consecutively excised 23 cases蔡翰宇黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:40 ~ 10:44MP056: Prognostic factors for patients with de novo metastatic renal cell carcinoma receiving cytoreductive nephrectomy followed with target therapy: who will really benefit from the cytoreductive nephrectomy?曲元正黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:44 ~ 10:48MP057: Elucidation of the therapeutic role of osmanthus fragrans active compound in the regulation of prostate cancer李日馳黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:48 ~ 10:52MP058: Gold nanoparticle as photosensitizing agent in photodynamic therapy targeting bladder cancer許哲維黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:52 ~ 10:56MP059: The clinical significance of tumor size and preoperative systemic immune-inflammation index (SII) in oncologic outcomes in patients with upper tract urothelial carcinomas (UTUC)詹皓程黃書彬, 羅浩倫
10:56 ~ 11:00MP060: Outcome of lymph node dissection in renal pelvis urothelial carcinoma方仁愷黃書彬, 羅浩倫