Moderated Poster 8
2019-08-188. 5F 504講堂Room 504
13:00 ~ 13:24瀏覽海報時間All鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:24 ~ 13:28MP071: The association of dysregulated methylation of BOLL promoter in human spermatogenesis林宗彥鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:28 ~ 13:32MP072: Investigating the downstream candidate genes after hypermethylation of the MAEL promoter region in targeted DNA methylation(TDM) cell model鄭裕生鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:32 ~ 13:36MP074: Sperm retrieval outcome of infertile men with previous episode of mumps orchitis.陳人傑鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:36 ~ 13:40MP075: The cost-effectiveness of Y chromosome microdeletion testing in men with severe oligozoospermia蔡承翰鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:40 ~ 13:44MP076: The experience of vassal sperm aspiration on patients with an-ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation樊樂威鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:44 ~ 13:48MP077: How long does the effect last of low intensity shock wave treatment (LISWT) for erectile dysfunction (ED)? A prospective study with an average 8 months follow-up賴俊佑鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:48 ~ 13:52MP078: Sedentary workload has negative impacts on male erectile and lower urinary tract function蕭惟中鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:52 ~ 13:56MP079: Is early realignment of urethra injury in pelvic fracture associated with lower urethra stricture rate? An Asian population study in Taiwan廖丞晞鄭裕生, 魏子鈞
13:56 ~ 14:00MP080: The risk factors of hyponatremia in the desmopressin replacement of elderly patients with nocturnal polyuria瞿琤鄭裕生, 魏子鈞