Podium 6
2019-08-186. 3F 309講堂Room 309
14:00 ~ 14:10PD6-1: Dose testicular needle biopsy decrease the sperm retrieval rate in patients with non-obstructive azoospermia?許自翔蔡維恭, 戴槐青
14:10 ~ 14:20PD6-2: Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha P2 promoter variants associate with the risk of metabolic syndrome and testosterone deficiency in aging Taiwanese men劉家駒蔡維恭, 戴槐青
14:20 ~ 14:30PD6-3: The outcome of transurethral seminal vesiculoscopy for diagnosis and treatment of hemospermia, and a case report of amyloidosis of seminal vesicle梅承恩蔡維恭, 戴槐青
14:30 ~ 14:40PD6-4: The role of coenzyme Q10 on the reproductive function of male mice model of chronic kidney disease曹智惟蔡維恭, 戴槐青
14:40 ~ 14:50PD6-5: Testis-specific SEPT12 expression affects SUN protein localization and is involved in mammalian spermiogenesis葉忠信蔡維恭, 戴槐青
14:50 ~ 15:00PD6-6: The impact of erectile function in male overactive bladder patients treated with Mirabegron吳宗憲蔡維恭, 戴槐青