Podium 8
2019-08-186. 3F 309講堂Room 309
15:00 ~ 15:10PD8-1: Tadalafil can ameliorate bladder overactivity through rescuing insulin-activated detrusor relaxation via bladder mucosal IRS/PI3K/AKT/eNOS pathway in a rat model of metabolic syndrome李偉嘉唐一清, 李建達
15:10 ~ 15:20PD8-2: Stress receptor, neurotrophin and cell regeneration markers expression in the urothelium of detrusor overactivity, detrusor underactivity and detrusor hyperreflexia with inadequate contractility.張嘉峰唐一清, 李建達
15:20 ~ 15:30PD8-3: Does urodynamic study have benefit in patients with acute urinary retention?戴盟哲唐一清, 李建達
15:30 ~ 15:40PD8-5: Outcomes of urethroplasty for anterior urethral strictures:single-center experience曲元正唐一清, 李建達
15:40 ~ 15:50PD8-6: Regular cystoscopy-assisted bladder toilet is beneficial in catheter-associated urinary tract infection楊旻鑫唐一清, 李建達
15:50 ~ 16:00DiscussionAll唐一清, 李建達