Lunch Symposium 10: Prostate health index (PHI)
2019-08-186. 3F 309講堂Room 309
12:00 ~ 12:20Clinical utility of prostate health index (PHI) in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in Taiwan吳錫金吳錫金, 黃昭淵, 林子平
12:20 ~ 12:40PHI in MRI fusion transrectal ultrasound targeted prostate biopsy for detection of prostate cancer范玉華吳錫金, 黃昭淵, 林子平
12:40 ~ 13:00Prostate Health Index (PHI)攝護腺健康指數(射箭指數)與攝護腺癌相關性之介紹蔣智宏吳錫金, 黃昭淵, 林子平