TUA Symposium I: PCNL
2020-08-221. Room 201
16:20 ~ 16:35Tubeless mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy versus retrograde intrarenal surgery for upper urinary tract stones ≤ 3 cm李亞哲黃逸修, 周詠欽, 李經家, 薛又仁
16:35 ~ 16:50Large renal and ureteral stones: Laparoscopic or robotic surgeries黃建榮黃逸修, 周詠欽, 李經家, 薛又仁
16:50 ~ 17:05ECIRS for complex renal stones黃琮懿黃逸修, 周詠欽, 李經家, 薛又仁
17:05 ~ 17:20PCNL, decision making of single or multiple tracts李高漢黃逸修, 周詠欽, 李經家, 薛又仁