Moderated Poster 01
2020-08-225. Room 402C
09:00 ~ 09:20瀏覽海報時間All張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:20 ~ 09:24MP01: Factor evaluation of chemotherapy-naïve abiraterone on castration- resistant prostate cancer patients—Taiwanese cohort余秉軒張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:24 ~ 09:28MP02: Prostate health index helps to predict positive biopsy of significant prostate cancer for PI-RADS 3 lesion underwent MRI-TRUS fusion-targeted prostate biopsy潘柏勳張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:28 ~ 09:32MP03: Predictive factors analysis on biochemical recurrence among patients of extraprostatic extension alone after robotic assisted radical prostatectomy楊哲學張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:32 ~ 09:36MP04: The relationship of prostate health index to the tumor volume after radical prostatectomy李宗叡張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:36 ~ 09:40MP05: The optimal iPSA cutoff value to predict prostate cancer with bone metastasis鄭百諭張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:40 ~ 09:44MP06: Initial experience of prostate health index (PHI) and %p2PSA on prostate cancer diagnosis value in a regional teaching hospital吳美姬張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:44 ~ 09:48MP07: Body composition factors measured on MRI correlates with tumor aggressiveness of prostate cancer簡佑軒張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:48 ~ 09:52MP08: Marine actinomycete secondary metabolite Lu01-M inhibited prostate cancer cells proliferation by reducing mitochondrial membrane potential李懿倫張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:52 ~ 09:56MP09: Prognosis comparison between adjuvant or salvage therapy vs observation in men with positive surgical margin after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy陳昱廷張兆祥, 陳冠州
09:56 ~ 10:00MP10: Fracture risk of androgen deprivation therapy among non-metastatic prostate cancer population: A systematic review and meta-analysis陳柏諺張兆祥, 陳冠州