Moderated Poster 02
2020-08-225. Room 402C
10:30 ~ 10:50瀏覽海報時間陳煜, 鄭裕生
10:50 ~ 10:54MP11: Retrospective analysis of anastomotic urethroplasty for pelvic fracture urethral distraction defect- 12 years’ experience潘柏諺陳煜, 鄭裕生
10:54 ~ 10:58MP12: Urinary tract infection as a detrimental factor for poor outcome of older adults with severe head injury盧致誠陳煜, 鄭裕生
10:58 ~ 11:02MP13: Acute vasitis: A rare case misdiagnosed as lymphadenopathy方琬云陳煜, 鄭裕生
11:02 ~ 11:06MP14: Discussion on prognostic factors of fournier's gangrene in recent 10 years張哲綱陳煜, 鄭裕生
11:06 ~ 11:10MP15: Laser Flow Cytometry UF-1000i is useful in predicting therapeutic outcomes in women with uncomplicated urinary tract infections陳義昇陳煜, 鄭裕生
11:10 ~ 11:14MP16: Comparison of the efficacy of new laser flow cytometry UF-5000 with UF-1000i in predicting bacteria growth patterns in patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections趙梓辰陳煜, 鄭裕生
11:14 ~ 11:18MP17: Analyze influential factors of patients with prostate abscess underwent conservative or intervention treatment and prognosis of either treatment潘思穎陳煜, 鄭裕生
11:22 ~ 11:26MP19: Robotic assisted vasovasostomy - experience and case analysis from single surgeon鄭百諭陳煜, 鄭裕生
11:26 ~ 11:30MP20: Effects of ketogenic diet on the reproductive function in high fat and high cholesterol diet-induced male mice曹智惟陳煜, 鄭裕生