2016-01-23童綜合醫院20F視聽教室 (台中市梧棲區台灣大道八段699號)
16:00 ~ 16:10Both of the neuroprotective and tissue-protective effects of platelet-rich plasma on erectile function in bilateral cavernous nerve injury rat model吳宜娜黃俊農, 李祥生
16:10 ~ 16:20Patient characteristics for different therapeutic strategies in the management of ketamine cystitis李宇坤黃俊農, 李祥生
16:20 ~ 16:30Prospective evaluation of pelvic floor muscle training and male sling for male postprostatectomy stress urinary incontinence王炯珵黃俊農, 李祥生
16:30 ~ 16:40Reduction of urgency severity is the most important factor in the subjective therapeutic outcome of intravesical onabotulinumtoxina injection for overactive bladder張嘉峰黃俊農, 李祥生
16:40 ~ 16:50Safety and efficacy of botulinum toxin a treatment for patients with detrusor overactivity and inadequate contractility吳書雨黃俊農, 李祥生
16:50 ~ 17:00Female voiding dysfunction- a videourodynamic analysis of the role of bladder neck and pelvic floor muscles李政霖黃俊農, 李祥生