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2016-01-23童綜合醫院 20樓交誼廳 (台中市梧棲區台灣大道八段699號)
13:30 ~ 13:50瀏覽海報時間吳其翔, 溫玉清
13:50 ~ 13:55Hospitalization after transrectal biopsy of the prostate: a nationwide population-based inpatient versus outpatient comparison in Taiwan鄭嘉緯吳其翔, 溫玉清
13:55 ~ 14:00The prevalence and risk factors for synchronous prostate carcinoma and urothelial carcinoma: experience in cch方楚文吳其翔, 溫玉清
14:00 ~ 14:05Effect of prostate specific antigen and its variation in quality of life of among prostate cancer patients高耀臨吳其翔, 溫玉清
14:05 ~ 14:10Primary clear cell adenocarcinoma derived from endometriosis of urinary bladder郭謹瑋吳其翔, 溫玉清
14:10 ~ 14:15Nephrogenic adenoma at urinary bladder黃韋銘吳其翔, 溫玉清
14:15 ~ 14:20Retroperitoneal sarcoma: a single institute experience with literature review林冠榮吳其翔, 溫玉清