Podium 3
2019-01-265. 6F Room563
15:00 ~ 15:10PD3-1: Comparison of pelvic drainage insertion during removal of dialysis catheter decreases the risk of complications in refractory peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis: A single center experience曾文歆蔡維恭, 邱逸淳
15:10 ~ 15:20PD3-2: Foreign body granuloma mimics urachal tumor: Single site robotic assisted partial cystectomy劉瑞文蔡維恭, 邱逸淳
15:20 ~ 15:30PD3-3: Incorporating various thresholds of semen parameters for clinical suggestion of infertile men undergo genetic testing黃烱焜蔡維恭, 邱逸淳
15:30 ~ 15:40PD3-4: The study of 3D printing technology in producing tissue regeneration scaffold for urological diseases and clinical surgery application陳加恩蔡維恭, 邱逸淳
15:40 ~ 15:50PD3-5: The relationship of matrix metalloproteinase- 1 promoter polymorphisms with prostate cancer patients in mid-Taiwan廖丞晞蔡維恭, 邱逸淳
15:50 ~ 16:00PD3-6: Extracorporeal shock wave markedly alleviates radiation-induced chronic cystitis in rat吳彥廷蔡維恭, 邱逸淳