Podium 3
2019-08-177. 5F 509講堂Room 509
16:30 ~ 16:40PD3-1: Cis-platinum induce PD-L1 expression through ERK/AP-1 signal cascade in bladder cancer cells黃一勝王百孚, 王紹全
16:40 ~ 16:50PD3-2: Overexpression of SRC is associated with epithelial mesenchymal transition, invadopodia formation, drug resistant and stemness characters in urothelial carcinoma葉碧雯王百孚, 王紹全
16:50 ~ 17:00PD3-3: Miconazole, an anti-fungal agent, exerts bladder cancer chemoprevention by NRF2 activation蔡德甫王百孚, 王紹全
17:00 ~ 17:10PD3-4: Unusual presentation of upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma in Taiwan, direct comparison from Taiwan-Japan UTUC collaboration cohort.劉昱良王百孚, 王紹全
17:10 ~ 17:20PD3-5: Prognostic value of USP2 overexpression in upper tract urothelial carcinomas in Taiwan.柯宏龍王百孚, 王紹全
17:20 ~ 17:30PD3-6: The role of RENAL, PADUA, C-index, CSA nephrometry systems in predicting individual renal function after partial nephrectomy王又德王百孚, 王紹全