Podium 06
2020-08-236. Room 202
10:00 ~ 10:10PD06-1: Prader-Willi Syndrome patients and low urinary tract dysfunction趙梓辰林威宇, 許兆畬
10:10 ~ 10:20PD06-2: The urothelial cytoskeleton and cell proliferation protein expression in intersitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome patients of different phenotype江景翔林威宇, 許兆畬
10:20 ~ 10:30PD06-3: Will detrusor acontractile recover after medical or surgical treatment? A longitudinal long tern urodynamic follow-up陳聖復林威宇, 許兆畬
10:30 ~ 10:40PD06-4: Videourodynamics analysis of the lower urinary tract dysfunctions in patients with chronic brain disorders江景翔林威宇, 許兆畬
10:40 ~ 10:50PD06-5: Urothelial cell proliferation, cytoskeleton and barrier function protein expression in the female patients with different phenotypes of urinary tract infection李秉叡林威宇, 許兆畬
10:50 ~ 11:00PD06-6: Age- and gender-specific nomograms of post-void residual urine in healthy children and adolescents王士綱林威宇, 許兆畬