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2016-01-23童綜合醫院 20樓交誼廳 (台中市梧棲區台灣大道八段699號)
14:30 ~ 14:50瀏覽海報時間楊緒棣, 林志杰
14:50 ~ 14:55Experience of augmented reality in retroperitoneal laparoscopic surgery in Show Chwan Memorial Hospital吳其翔楊緒棣, 林志杰
14:55 ~ 15:00Bowel complication in retroperioneoscopic nephroureterctomy盧則宏楊緒棣, 林志杰
15:00 ~ 15:05Using a Harmonic Scalpel “Drilling and Clamping” Method to Implement Zero-Ischemic Robot-assisted Partial Nephrectomy楊佩珊楊緒棣, 林志杰
15:05 ~ 15:10The nerve branches between the dorsal penile nerves and the cavernous nerves should be the determinant of erectile function陳燕麟楊緒棣, 林志杰
15:10 ~ 15:15Urolithiasis is associated with higher prevalence of low serum testosterone level in patients with erectile dysfunction歐穎謙楊緒棣, 林志杰
15:15 ~ 15:20Pearls, tricks, and quirks of the reconstruction for hypospadias and chordee林介山楊緒棣, 林志杰