(PD10-6) Alternative Treatment Modality of Periurethral Abscess – Transurethral approach method
  • 2015-06-10,
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尿道周圍膿瘍的替代治療方式 - 經尿道方式
陳宏睿 吳勝堂 查岱龍 孫光煥 于大雄 張聖原曹智惟
三軍總醫院 外科部 泌尿外科
Alternative Treatment Modality of Periurethral Abscess – Transurethral approach method
Hong-Ray Chen , Seng-Tang Wu,  Tai-Lung Cha, Guang-Haun Sun, Dah-Shyong Yu, Sun-Yran Chang, Chen,Chu-Wei Tsao
Division of Urology, Departments of Surgery, Tri-Service General Hospital,
National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Purpose: Periurethral abscess is a life-threatening infection of the male urethra and periurethral tissues. The standard treatment consists of immediate suprapubic urinary drainage and wide debridement. Owing to the further improvement of antibiotics and surgical technique, alternative treamtment method might be considered.
Materials and Methods: This report is to present a rare case with periurethral abscess. A 62 year-old male suffered from fever, chillness, dysuria, scrotum uncomfortable, frequency, and urgency for weeks. The following CT showed the lesion of periuretral abscess.
Results: The suprapubic tube cystostomy combined with transurethral endoscopic incision were done smoothly. After 7 days of antibiotics treatment, he discharged from our hospital and there was no recurrent for more than two years.
Conclusion: We present a case of periurethral abscess, which was treated with transurethral endoscopic incision successfully. In a review of the published literatures, antibiotics using was necessary and open debridement was suggested to prevent this life-threatening infection. Debridement need more time and cost to treat it and always made patient uncomfortable. By using transurethral endoscopic drainage, treatment of periurethral abscess is much easier and made patient more satisfactory about the result.
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