PD2-5: Laproscopic needle-assisted repair of inguinal hernia – the initial experience of tung’s taichung metroharbor hospital
  • 2017-12-22,
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Laproscopic Needle-Assisted Repair of Inguinal Hernia – The Initial Experience of Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital
Yi-Sheng Lin1, Min-Yung Kuo2, Chao-Yu Hsu1, Yen-Chuan Ou1, Min-Che Tung1
Division of Urology1, and Division of Pediatric Surgery2, Department of Surgery,
Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor hospital
Purpose: The inguinal hernia is a common disease of childhood that requires surgical repair. We report our initial experience of laparoscopic needle-assisted repair of inguinal hernia.
Materials and Methods: We reported our method of laparoscopic needle-assisted repair of inguinal hernia in children from Jun 2016 to July 2017. The surgical time, complications, and recurrence rate were collected. The morphology of internal inguinal ring was recorded about peritoneal folding.
Results: A total 45 children were received laparoscopic needle-assisted repair of inguinal hernia. There were 27 boys and 18 girls. The mean age was 53.66 months. The youngest child was 11-month-old. The oldest child was 123-month-old. The mean body weight was 17.19 Kg. The inguinal hernia repair was performed in 5 children with left inguinal hernia, 18 children with right inguinal hernia, and 22 children with bilateral inguinal hernia. The mean surgical time was 43.93 minutes, and 2 children were excluded due to combined other laparoscopic surgery. No difference in surgical time between boys and girls in single side surgery and bilateral sides surgery. The compications were subperitoneal hematoma in 7 children with 9 sides hematoma. The complication rate was high in bodys due to avoiding the injury of vas deferens. Our initial experience showed no recurrence. However, long tern complication and recurrence should be followed.
Conclusion: Laparoscopic needle-assisted repair of inguinal hernia is an excellent alternative treatment of pediatric inguinal hernia. It is effective and well-cosmetic results in our initial experience. However, long term follow-ups should be conducted.
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