2024-01-27 5. 10F 多功能教室三
11:00 ~ 11:10
PD02-01: External validation of a new Taiwanese prostate cancer risk calculator within another medical centre
講者: 李昀叡 座長: 黃昭淵,
11:10 ~ 11:20
PD02-02: Lenvatinib enhances Cisplatin sensitivity, induces apoptosis and inhibits metastasis in bladder cancer cells through inactivation of EGFR/ERK/P-38/NF-κB signaling
講者: 蔣智宏 座長: 黃昭淵,
11:20 ~ 11:30
PD02-03: Navigating the obesity paradox in bladder cancer prognosis – insights from the Taiwan national health insurance system database
講者: 江亭易 座長: 黃昭淵,
11:30 ~ 11:40
PD02-04: Immediate assessment of spermatogenesis at testicular biopsy for azoospermic males using touch print smear
講者: 許程皓 座長: 黃昭淵,
11:40 ~ 11:50
PD02-05: Early cystography before catheter removal after robot assisted radical prostatectomy
講者: 鄭宛妤 座長: 黃昭淵,
11:50 ~ 12:00
PD02-06: To evaluate the effect of Cinnamaldehyde on the cardiac and renal pathology in a rat model of cardiorenal syndrome type 1.
講者: 鄭瑀萱 座長: 黃昭淵,