(MP4-1) Is it applicable for postvasectomy semen analysis with the implementation of AUA clearance parameter
  • 2015-11-30,
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徐慧興,張世琦,王旭翔,莊恆彰, 邵逸宏
羅東博愛醫院 外科部 泌尿科
Is it applicable for postvasectomy semen analysis with the implementation of AUA clearance parameter
Hueih-Shing Hsu, Shyh-Chyi Chang, Hsu-Hsiang Wang, Heng-Chang Chuang, I-Hung Shao
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, Lotung Pohai Hospital Yilan, Taiwan
To evaluate the postvasectomy semen analysis (PVSA) with the special clearance parameter   suggested by American Urological Association. Can that save the cost with avoidance of repeated semen analysis if the first semen analysis had nonmotile sperm density <100,00/ml.
Materials and Methods:
From Jan 2010 to Dec. 2014 a total of 419 men underwent vasectomy for birth control in our hospital. Patients demographics and postvasectomy semen analysis results were collected retrospectively.
During the period of recent 5 years, 419 patients underwent vasectomy in our hospital. Most of the patients has 2 or more children after marriage. Postvasectomy semen analysis was completed within the 3-6 months after surgery. No patient has motile sperm in their PVSA. Few patients had nonmotile sperm with the concentration <100,000/ml (AUA clearance parameter). Repeated semen analysis confirm the azospermia later. The cost saving is not high.
The AUA special clearance parameter is not applied in our hospital. The cost saving is not efficacy than the compensation of legal problem. So repeated semen analysis is still warranted in our hospital until azospermia confirmed.
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