PD1-4: Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy may help to spare more nephron than open partial nephrectomy
  • 2019-01-03,
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Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy may help to spare more nephron than open partial nephrectomy
Yuan-Cheng Chu, I-Hung Shao, See-Tong Pang, Ying-Hsu Chang, Cheng-Keng Chuang, Kai-Jie Yu, Po-Hung Lin, Chung-Yi Liu
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou medical center, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Robotic assisted partial nephrectomy was one of the treatment choice for renal cell carcinoma. Because the minimal invasive operation had less admission day and less post-operative pain syndrome, robotic assisted surgery become more and more popular.
The robotic system help operator to have better surgical filed. Therefore, robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy may help spare more nephron than open partial nephrectomy.
Materials and Methods:
Retrospective review the Patients with diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma received partial nephrectomy (open or robotic) between 2007 to 2015 in Chang Gung Memorial hospital in Linkou.
There are 75 patients received open partial nephrectomy (OPN) and 80 patients received robotic assisted partial nephrectomy (RPN). Mean follow up was 40 months. The post-operative eGFR was significant higher in OPN group. Besides, we calculated resection ratio (actual tumor size/specimen size) showed OPN group is 39.8% and RPN group is 51.7%.
The factors corelated to resection ratio was significantly are robotic assisted system, PADUA score, specimen size and tumor size.
Robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy possibly provided better resection ratio with similar tumor size. Resection ratio is associated with robotic-assisted system, tumor size and PADUA score, but not associated with positive surgical margin.
Higher complexity lead to less resection ratio, thus fewer parenchyma preserved. Robotic-assisted system could possibly spare more parenchyma and no increased risk of positive surgical margin and complication.
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