NDP35: Case report: A case of left duplicated kidney with severe hydronehrosis
  • 2019-01-07,
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案例報告: 左側雙套腎併嚴重腎水腫案例報告及文獻討論
國泰綜合醫院 外科部 泌尿科
Case Report: A Case of Left Duplicated Kidney with Severe Hydronehrosis
Chung-Tso Chen, Shih-Feng Wang
Divisions of Urology, Department of Surgery, Cathy General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
Duplicated renal collecting system is a frequent congenital anomaly of the urinary tract that occurs in approximately 1 in 20 people.
We present a case of 29-year-old female patient with past history of Left duplication kidney with left ectopic ureter into vagina. She had received left ureteral lysis with ureteral plication and ureteral extravesical reimplantation at previous hospital. However, she suffered from Left side abdominal pain (near left flank area) and fever for 1 day recently. Left side flank knocking pain was also noted. Lab data showed leukocytosis, pyuria and bacteuria. Under the impression of acute Pyelonephritis, she was admitted for antibiotic treatment. The following abdominal CT revealed left duplication kidney with severe hydronphrosis and hydroureter. Percutaneous nephrostomy was performed. Left renal angiography was also arranged. After discussed with patient, she received Robotic assisted left hemi-nephrectomy.
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