Quanta Cyber Ho 60於逆行性輸尿管鏡手術治療腎臟結石及輸尿管結石的初步經驗


嘉義基督教醫院 外科部 泌尿科

Preliminary experiences of using Quanta Cyber Ho 60 for the Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery during the treatment of renal stones and ureteral stones

Ya-Che Lee, Yeong-Chin Jou, Cheng-Huang Shen, Chang-Te Lin, Ping-Wei Wu, Wen-Yei Wu

Divisions of Urology, Department of Surgery, Chiayi Christian Hospital


Purpose: Preliminary experiences of using high power laser device Quanta Cyber Ho 60 for retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) in treatment of renal stones and ureteral stones in the same renal unit.

Materials and Methods: Between 2018.4 and 2018.9, records of patients who underwent surgery for renal stone and ureteral stone were retrospectively reviewed. The patients that underwent RIRS by different laser power were defined as Group I (Quanta Litho 30) and Group II (Quanta Cyber Ho 60), respectively. Patient criteria (age, sex); the stone characteristics; time of procedure and hospitalization; stone-free rate and complication rates of groups were evaluated between the treatment groups.

Results: There were no significant differences in terms of age, gender, BMI, laterality, number of stones, and total stone burden before RIRS (mm2) between the Group I (n = 53) and Group II (n = 25) groups (225.4 mm2 versus 162.1 mm2). Stone free was defined as the residual stone size < 0.3cm post-treatment. Stone free rate was 58.49% (n=31) in Group I, and 56% (n=14) in Group II. Complications above grade I according to Modified Clavien Classification developed in 2 patients (postoperative fever was noted in both patients)both  in Group I and no patient in Group II. No statistically significant difference was determined between the groups in mean procedure time (90.19 versus 96.80 min) and median hospitalization time (3.0 versus 3.0 days).


RIRS with higher energy power is the same effective as RIRS with lower energy power in stone-free rate and mean procedure time in treatment of renal stones and ureteral stones in the same renal unit. RIRS with higher energy power has less complication, but this difference was not statistically significant.

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