Non-Discussion Poster
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP02: Preliminary experience on combination of androgen deprivation therapy and abiraterone acetate plus prednisolone in patients with de novel metastatic castration sensitive prostate cancer林宜佳
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP03: The prediction of a positive surgical margin after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy楊景偉
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP04: Biochemical recurrence prediction to prostate cancer with seminal vesicles invasion after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy楊哲學
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP05: Prostate sarcomatoid carcinoma with chondro-osseous differentiation: A case report潘柏勳
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP06: Successive xanthogranulomatous prostatitis after cure of metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma: An extremely rare case report with review of literatures楊哲學
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP07: Non-hodgkin lymphoma of prostate presented with voiding hesitancy and PSA elevation: One case report陳祺方
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP08: A rare case of sudden onset of severe hypertension with hypokalemia due to using abiraterone acetate for a while in patient with castration-resistant prostate cancer劉家睿
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP09: The protoapigenone analogue WYC0209 targeted CD133 as a potent adjuvant agent for anti-cancer stemness in urothelial cancer cells葉碧雯
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP10: Hyperthermia enhances the sensitivity to cis-platinum in bladder cancer cells陳宏恩
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP12: Comparing cancer behaviors of upper tract urothelial carcinoma in patients having end-stage renal disease with or without kidney transplant and those without end-stage renal disease鄭琮翰
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP13: Outcome analysis of treating primary adenocarcinoma of urinary bladder: The experience of a single institute劉家翔
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP14: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy combined with immunotherapy followed by radical cystectomy-preliminary results in CMUH楊有容
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP15: The comparing outcomes in patients with or without a history of benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery before robotic assisted radical prostatectomy: Experience in a single center歐詠豪
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP16: En bloc transurethral resection versus conventional resection of bladder cancer江品葭
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP17: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced upper tract urothelial carcinoma方仁愷
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP18: Pembrolizumab-induced myasthenia gravis-like disorder, ocular myositis, and hepatitis田佳頤
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP19: Disease control with bacillus calmette-guérin retrograde instillation via ureteral catheter for the recurrent upper tract urothelial carcinoma—a case report李宗叡
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP20: Case report – squamous cell carcinoma of kidney蔡佳宏
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP22: Malignant triton tumor of pelvis in a male with neurofibromatosis type 1: A case report樊樂威
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP23: Primary renal carcinoid: A case report and literature review瞿琤
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP24: Multiple myeloma with initial testicular extramedullary plasmacytoma: An unexpected encounter楊哲學
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP25: A rare case report: Well-differentiated paratesticular liposarcoma of the left spermatic cord in a 32-year-old patient陳昱廷
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP26: Retroperitoneal extragonadal yolk sac tumor with bone and lung metastasis: A rare case report and literature review吳翊豪
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP27: Anastomosing hemangioma of kidney: A case report方立仁
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP28: Venous malformation mimicking retroperitoneal malignant tumor – a case report邱俊凱
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP29: Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the prostate ─ a case report陳子双
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP30: Case report- acute adrenal insufficiency after unilateral adrenalectomy in metastatic lung adenocarcinoma朱信誠
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP31:Testicular glomus tumor: A case report and review of the literature葉志胤
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP32: Renal nephrogenic adenoma: A rare case and literature review; experience of percutaneous endoscopic resection of benign renal tumor鍾卓興
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP33: Case report and literature review of bladder paraganglioma林于巧
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP34: Case report: A rare case - pecoma of bladder蔡佳宏
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP35:IgG4 related kidney disease found in a woman with polymyalgia rheumatica: A rare case report and literature review王大齊
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP36: Bladder melanoma – a case report and review of literatures高國維
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP37: Unilateral epididymis metastasis from gastric cancer: A case report曹書瀚
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP38: Enlarging para-meatal cyst in a young male黃烱焜
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP39: Seminal vesicle schwannoma presenting with nocturia沈志宇
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP40: Cystic nephroma masquerading as renal cancer – a case report and review of literatures張東平
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP41: Robot-assisted partial cystectomy and umbilectomy for urachal adenocarcinoma : Case report吳子翔
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP42: Case report-discrimination of oncocytoma and renal cell carcinoma朱信誠
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP43: Carcinoembryonic antigen elevation as a presentation of metastatic renal cell carcinoma — a case report李宗叡
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP44: Right robotic-assisted nephrectomy with IVC thrombectomy: A rare case and experience with literature review鍾卓興
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP45: A rare case of Xp11.2 translocation renal cell carcinomas with transcription factor E3 (TFE3) gene fusion and literature review in young adults鍾卓興
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP46: A rare huge perineal cyst leads elevated prostate specific antigen level and severe lower urinary tract symptoms: A case report and and literature review尤仲豪
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP47: Relationship between metabolic syndrome and lower urinary tract symptoms李亞哲
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP48: Zinner syndrome: A rare condition of seminal vesical mass causing lower urinary tract symptoms蔡翰宇
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP49: Retrograde intrarenal surgery in calyceal diverticular stone: A case report and literature review張朋暉
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP50: Lethal urosepsis – an uncommon complication in treating patient with encrusted ureteral double j stent楊鎧伍
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP51: Per-pyelotomic nephrolithotomy (PPNL) for "rubbery" staghorn stones of both kidneys – case report and literature review楊涵中
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP52: A case with renal stone and emphysematous pyelonephritis: Treatment with mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy and negative pressure aspiration sheath鍾卓興
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP53: Migration of embolized coil into the renal pelvis with large renal stone formation: A rare case presentation歐詠豪
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP54: Migration of permanent radioactive seed implants into bladder with bladder stone formation: Case report and literature review陳忠佐
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP55: Pediatric urolithiasis surgical treatment and experience sharing-single medical center cases experiences蔡易辰
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP56: Effect of early return to work after laparoscopic total extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair戴定恩
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP57: Retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma growing from gerota's fascia: Laparoscopic renal-sparing surgery surgical outcome and follow-up許哲維
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP59: Surgical drain related bowel obstruction after robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy蘇奕瑋
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP60: Clinical outcomes of peritoneal dialysis in elder ESRD patients趙梓辰
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP61: Dual docking robotic surgical technique for hereditary paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma syndrome of synchronous tumors in bladder and adrenal gland溫晨越
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP62: Superior mesenteric artery injury during a laparoscopic left radical nephrectomy: A case report and literature review張朋暉
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP63: Successful removal of retained needle during intracavernosal injection for erectile dysfunction: A case report賴姿君
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP64: Large anesthetic bladder capacity is predictive of better response to hydrodistention in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome蔡承翰
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP65: Case sharing of ureteral endometriosis劉瑞文
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP66: Robotic-assisted diverticulectomy of urinary bladder for adult hutch diverticulum with obstructive uropathy: An extremely rare case report and review of literatures楊哲學
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP67: Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis presenting as "locally advanced" renalneoplasm : Case report黃欣媚
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP68: Testicular ischemia suspected chronic epididymitis related: A case report董劭偉
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP69: Penile fracture with partial urethral disruption during sexual intercourse: A case report董劭偉
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP70: Case report – an unusual penile fracture蔡佳宏
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP71: Initially diagnosed of lumbar acupuncture related perinephric abscess - a case report曾博鴻
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP72: Case report: Severe prostate abscess with prostate-rectum fistula on a poor blood sugar control patient賴元唯
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP73: Special duplication collection system case劉瑞文
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP74: Self-inflicted urethrovesical foreign bodies in 13 year old boy: A case report林毓庭
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP75: Hydronephrosis after renal transplantation: Case report董劭偉
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP76: Case sharing of urinothorax劉瑞文
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP77: IgG4-related retroperitoneal fibrosis: A rare disease case report and literature review吳翊豪
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP78: Successful treatment of bladder perforation after hip joint debridement.陳人傑
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP79: Foreign body in the urinary bladder王彰德
08:20 ~ 17:20NDP80: Subcorneal pustule over surgical wound after radical cystectomy – a very rare case report廖奕安